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Vehicle Usage : Terms and Conditions

Important Note

By accepting this section you agree to our Terms and Conditions. We suggest you read the complete information and understand beforehand. Any claims later on will not be entertained.


Terms & conditions




  • Minimum age to drive our cars is 21 years

  • Should have at least 1 years of having a valid driver's license.

Booking Process

  • We request you to send your Driver License and Aadhaar copies by email or whats app to us before the date of journey and at the time of booking. The customer is expected to provide copies of Aadhar card, valid driving licence in order to book the vehicle, in case of Indian Nationals. In case of Foreign Nationals, they should provide an International driving permit, residence proof of stay in India and copy of Passport. The customer in whose name the booking has been made is solely responsible for allowing anyone else other than him/her in whose name the hiring is done.

  • Per day 250Kms is allowed and additional Kms are charged at extra cost.

  • Security deposit will be charged on self drive cars. The deposit amounts will vary based on the car model. The refund of the deposit may take up to 2 working days after the complete evaluation of the car and its GPS tracking as per the system. In case of any damages this might take additional time. If the car is over speed or damaged or entered into any kind of negotiations, This might further extend as the company will have to get necessary clearances from authorities and operations.

Customer Responsibilities

  • It is the customer's responsibility to inspect the vehicle and report/record damages at the time of taking the delivery of the car. Any complaints later on will not be entertained.

  • All cars are insured bumper to bumper for the safety of the individual, third party and the vehicle and the insured amount varies from vehicle to vehicle. But usually it is high.

  • Any damages, internal or external, will be first recovered from the customer's safety deposit and if it exceeds, customers will have to pay an additional amount. The decision to apply for Insurance in such matters lies with the provider and Rentz can't interfere in that matter. You as a customer agree to this condition.

  • Maximum speed legally allowed is 120Kms/Hr and over speeding may result in a penalty of Rs. 1500/each offense

  • No Alcohol, Drinking or Smoking Allowed inside our Luxury Fleet. If not returned in a clean condition, cleaning charges will be applicable.

  • All local Taxes, Tolls, Parking Tickets, Traffic Violations are paid by the customer. Any serious traffic violations may attract an additional fine for jeopardising the public safety

  • Fuel to be borne by the customer. All Rides are Full Tank to Full Tank Fuel at actual will be charged if not Full on return as an additional charge.

  • Any damages related expenses will be completely borne by the customer at the time of return. It will be either deducted from the deposit or the excess amount (if any) will be billed after the trip.

  • Causing damages will attract additional charges for downtime as the vehicle may become unusable for other customers and causing loss of revenue to the company

  • We require the complete address where the car will be parked (Street side parking is not allowed and will be detected by our GPS System and may attract penalties)

  • Cars can’t be abandoned on the road or anywhere without duly informing Us and taking approval. This may result in impounding the Security deposit and further legal action for negligent behaviour.

  • Failing to return the car as per the agreed schedule may result in a run time penalty which may completely deduct the entire safety deposit amount for causing loss of booking and hindrance in administrative work.

  • Company does not allow the Vehicle to be used to carry pets, goods or any other object which can damage the upholstery/any part of the vehicles. In such an event, the User will be charged on the actual cost towards repairing/cleaning of interior / exterior of vehicle.

  • Carrying illegal Firearms, ammunition, drugs or any other illegal activities is prohibited. The car cannot be used for towing, teaching driving to others, racing, speed test, leasing out to others, use for commercial purposes.

  • Should not carry more passengers than may be properly accommodated by the seat belt restraints in the Vehicle or carry a load greater than for which it was built. Should not carry more passengers than may be Authorised by the road transport authority in the registration book of the Vehicle.

Replacement of Vehicle

  • Replacement Vehicle shall be provided within a city limits only (Subject to availability of similar segments in the city). This is only for such cases where a Vehicle develops mechanical error and restrain the User from its use. In a case, where a Vehicle develops such error outside the city limit, replacement Vehicle will not be provided and amount equivalent to agreed rental will be charged. Company decisions related to replacement vehicles will be final.


  • The User hereby releases and agrees to indemnify Rentz Luxury from and against any liability for loss or for damage to any property (including costs relating thereto) left, stored or transported by the User or any other person in or upon the Vehicle before or after return of the Vehicle.

  • The User shall be solely responsible for and shall keep Rentz Luxury fully indemnified against any loss, theft, damage, costs, accident or injury (including death) to persons or property, including loss, theft, damage, accident of the Vehicle, accruing in connection with the Vehicle or as a result of the negligent use thereof and against any breach of obligation by the user of the Vehicle.

  • The User shall keep Rentz Luxury fully indemnified including its directors, employees and shareholders against all losses, liabilities, costs actions, claims, any fines or penalties imposed ( Losses ) in respect of these Terms and Conditions or arising out of or in connection with use of the Vehicle including Losses on account of any third party liability, damage to the vehicle, accidents, illegal use of the Vehicle, misrepresentation or breach of its obligations by the User.

  • The User hereby acknowledge that for the purposes of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, the User shall be liable in respect of the Vehicle for any of the offences which may be committed under the applicable law and for any liability with respect to the use of the Vehicle including but not limited to any challans, penalties, third party liability, accidents and the User shall indemnify against any losses, damages, costs and liabilities etc., in this regard.


  • The User acknowledges that the use of the Services is at his sole risk. Rentz Luxury disclaims all representations and warranties of any kind, whether express or implied as to condition, suitability, quality, merchantability and fitness of the Services offered by it.

  • Rentz Luxury shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage, however caused or suffered by the User arising out of the use of the Services or due to Rentz Luxury’s failure to provide the Services at all, for any reason whatsoever whether or not beyond the control of Rentz Luxury.



  • Should be of minimum 18 years and above. - Children below the age of 18 can't travel alone and must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • For Self Driven cars, refer the self drive terms and conditions.

Booking Process:

  • Cars are issued to the person who contacts and sends details to Rentz Luxury. If at any point in time we find that the car is being driven by a different person or used for a different purpose, we may cancel the trip abruptly and recall the car without any refunds.

  • We reserve the right to refuse bookings or on-boarding of customer without any explanation as per our safety and security standards even if the booking has been received

  • Customer name used in the Booking invoice will finally be responsible for all T&C mentioned here in order to return the car in the condition given.

  • Since Rentz Luxury is an online company there may be times when our technical team may be conducting online tests. During such times the values/ prices/ details of the fleet may be completely different from the actual ones, in such cases if there is any booking made by the customer on such fleet will be cancelled immediately with complete refund.


  • Any cancellation/modification to be informed only via email between 10am to 7pm on all working days and minimum 4 hours prior to the scheduled time

  • 24hrs prior to the start of trip - 10% of Total Booking Amount

  • Between 4hrs - 24hrs prior to the start of trip - 50% of Total Booking Amount

  • Less than 4hrs prior to start of trip - 100% of Total Booking Amount

  • Payment Gateway charges are not refunded on any platforms for any type of booking cancellations

Customer Responsibilities

  • All of our chauffeurs are COVID19 vaccinated and have been trained on professional etiquettes and standards of customer interaction.

  • All cars are subject to availability and in as is condition.

  • We usually have a good mix of latest and previous generation cars in the fleet. We strive to send you the latest editions based on availability but can't guarantee new or latest models always. If you have specific requirements for certain models, please call us and specify the requirement so that we can explore the serviceability.

  • Safety of our vehicle, chauffeur and passenger is utmost important to us. In case if we feel the contractual terms or safety standards are compromised for whatever reason, we may recall the car and chauffeur unconditionally. Refunds are subject to further evaluation of the situation.

  • In case of any communal riots, natural disaster or any other threats that our chauffeurs encounter during the trip, we may call back the car without prior notice to the customer

  • In case if the car is used for any illegal activities, the customer will be completely responsible for the entire issue including the compensation to us.

  • Any damages caused or violation of traffic rules may result in profuse delay in refunds.

  • These T&C are constantly updated and the latest conditions are applied even if it is not available in the invoice at the time of booking.

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