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Refund Policy

Our flexible modification policy allows you to make modifications depending upon the time remaining before the start of your trip:



  • Should be of minimum 18 years and above. - Children below the age of 18 can't travel alone and must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • For Self Driven cars, refer the self drive terms and conditions.

Booking Process:

  • Cars are issued to the person who contacts and sends details to Rentz Luxury. If at any point in time we find that the car is being driven by a different person or used for a different purpose, we may cancel the trip abruptly and recall the car without any refunds.

  • We reserve the right to refuse bookings or on-boarding of customer without any explanation as per our safety and security standards even if the booking has been received

  • Customer name used in the Booking invoice will finally be responsible for all T&C mentioned here in order to return the car in the condition given.

  • Since Rentz Luxury is an online company there may be times when our technical team may be conducting online tests. During such times the values/ prices/ details of the fleet may be completely different from the actual ones, in such cases if there is any booking made by the customer on such fleet will be cancelled immediately with complete refund.


  • Any cancellation/modification to be informed only via email between 10am to 7pm on all working days and minimum 4 hours prior to the scheduled time

  • 24hrs prior to the start of trip - 10% of Total Booking Amount

  • Between 4hrs - 24hrs prior to the start of trip - 50% of Total Booking Amount

  • Less than 4hrs prior to start of trip - 100% of Total Booking Amount

  • Payment Gatew

  • In cases of multiple modifications, or multiple modifications followed by cancellation, the maximum limit of Rs 5000 will be applied INDIVIDUALLY to the modification/cancellation charge for every modification or cancellation step. This means that the total modification/cancellation charges can become more than Rs 5000, if you modify your booking multiple times

  • The total kilometres limit will get modified according to the duration of the booking. For example, if your original booking is of 40 hours duration and is on the 10 kms/hr pricing plan, it has a kilometres limit of 400 kms (= 40 x 10). If you modify this booking’s duration to 25 hours, the modified booking will have a kilometres limit of 250 kms (= 25 x 10)

  • Modifying the pricing plan (i.e., the number of kms per hour in the kilometres limit):

  1. Pricing plan CANNOT be modified after making the booking

  2. Unlimited kms pricing plan is available only on bookings whose duration is greater than 24 hours. In case your booking is on this pricing plan, and if you modify the booking to a new duration which is less than 24 hours, the pricing plan will change automatically to highest plan available (that is, the plan with the maximum number of kms per hour), and extra kms charges will be applicable if you exceed the kilometres limit


  • All modifications are subject to availability

  • Car or Location changes are not allowed within 3 hours of trip start time or after.

Refundable security deposit:

Refundable security deposit of upto Rs 5000 will be charged. During limited-period offers, this amount might be lower. It will be refunded within 10 days of booking’s end time. Please select “Refund to Bank Account” or “Refund to Wallet” options while making payment, for fast refunds within 4 days of booking’s end time.

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